Geriatric Health and Wellness: The Dangers of Seniors When Living Alone

Aug 17

1More and more American seniors are becoming confident about the idea of living alone throughout their retirement years. Although several of them agree that spending their time after retirement at nursing homes are more convenient and safe, still, most of them would desire of living alone than stay at an institution because of their will to feel independence. However, as a senior age, the risks of living alone become crucial; the longer they live alone without 24-hour monitoring, the riskier it becomes for seniors. Below are the common dangers of seniors when living alone:

  • Falls Elderlies are more prone to accidents and fall due to their weakening strength in bones and muscles.

If the house where the senior lives do not have equipment that is made for seniors, falls and slips may happen all the time, especially in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Falls and slips may cause serious injuries and even death if not properly and immediately assisted medically.

  • Errors in taking medication

It is not unknown that almost every senior in America is living with medication or sort of maintenance drugs. The problem arises when seniors would live alone, is the accidents of medication mismanagement. In other words, elderlies who mistakenly take their drug with the wrong dosage can be life-threatening. Remember, that most seniors are now experiencing impaired memory and low cognitive function; so, they should have guidance when it comes to taking in their medication.

  • The rising problem of lower cognition and behavioral changes

As people age, people are starting to have cognitive and behavioral changes – an inevitable situation that no one can stop. Then, by living alone, elderlies who are starting to experience those changes become a higher threat to the senior. Why? Due to the altered cognition and behavior, seniors are most likely to experience often falls and slips, mismanagement on medication and inability to treat a medical condition.

  • Inability to access easy and fast emergency medical assistance

Almost every senior is suffering from a medical condition, such as a weak heart. Heart attack and stroke can trigger any senior from where they are and at any time of the day. If they are unable to reach medical personnel fast or call 911, it would put their lives at higher risk which can even cause them their life. Elderlies can enjoy independence by living alone. However, they must have something reliable with them anywhere they are inside the house – like those medical alert devices from Bay Alarm Medical, where it has an emergency response systems that help seniors live a happy and safe life when at home.


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Signs of Failing Health

Nov 26

13There are some signs you need to pay attention to as the indicators that your body’s Medical/Health condition is suffering, such as the inability to sleep, as well as snoring. As a quick solution, since drinking tea can really decrease clog and mucus exchange your night brew for some quieting green tea. You should also be hyperaware in case you start sporting bruises everywhere. Although most wounds are safe, in the event that you every now and again find abnormal stamps on your body it may be an indication of a hidden therapeutic condition, for example, a blood-coagulating issue or a blood infection.

Basic Signs of Failing Health

12Simple wounding is likewise known to be a manifestation of the weak bone malady, celiac illness, kidney issues, leukemia or Von Willebrand ailment, to give some examples. Obviously, it may be that you’re frail because of low levels of dietary iron, or it could be due to leukemia. Include more iron-rich meat, turkey, shellfish, lentils, beans, and spinach to your eating regimen to keep the improvement of paleness. Insufficiencies in vitamin K, vitamin C and zinc have likewise been referred to as reasons for bruising. An adjusted eating routine will deal with this for you as well. If it continues, it might be leukemia, so seek help immediately.

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Mental Health

Nov 26


You have to pay attention not only to your physical Medical/Health condition but also your mental condition. Anxiety is a condition of stress, anxiety, and unease. It has nothing to do with how to sound your body is, or so most people would like to think. All things considered, in some cases it does. Uneasiness can originate from physical issues like hormonal lopsided characteristics. A few ladies’ helplessness to uneasiness can be clarified by their estrogen levels. Deficient measures of the thyroid hormone are additionally known to bring about nervousness and even regular fits of anxiety.

Caring for Mental Health

11Nervousness can also be a side effect of a restorative disease like heart assault, stroke or hypoglycemia, in spite of the fact that these would generally be joined by different side effects. Certain solutions can likewise bring about tension, as can liquor addiction or illegal medication utilize. In case you’re feeling overpowered, and can’t bind it to anything going on in your life, then take a stab at exchanging your eating regimen to check whether that makes a difference. In case it does not, then you should seek help immediately because if left unattended, it could grow worse very quickly and hinder your way of life.

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